KELVIN® Kre8® Bridge Bulk Pack

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Bulk Pack for 20
As Low As $14 Each

Build and rebuild one of these three bridge types: arch, suspension, or truss. Students will learn about spanning a gap, rigidity, stiffness, enclosing a space, triangulation, mirror image, tension, compression, and redundant parts. Challenges include building bridges that can cover the widest spans and carry the heaviest loads. Grades 5 and up.

Bulk pack includes:

  • Clip Connectors, Blue
  • Slit Rods, Blue, 3.14 in. (80 mm) Long
  • Slit Rods, Blue, 4.72 in. (120 mm) Long
  • Slit Rods, Blue, 7.87 in. (200 mm) Long
  • Tubes, Blue, 7.87 in. (200 mm) Long
  • Tube, Gray, 0.15 in. (3.9 mm) Dia.
  • Plastic Strip for Road Bed, 1.96 in. (50 mm) Wide x 19.68 in. (500 mm) Long
  • Piece of String, 78.74 in. (2000 mm) Long
  • Bag
  • Piece of Sand Paper