KELVIN® Kre8® Autonomous Car Kit w/ Arduino Motor Control Board (Assembled)

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Enhance your robotics program, technology class, or science exploration and introduce students to the revolutionary future of transportation - Autonomous Cars (A Self-Driving Robotic Car)

Build a basic robotic car that measures 17 x 18 cm when assembled. Once built, the car can be taken apart and rebuilt by the next group. Ideal for students in grades 6-9 with teacher support.

Planning the car's route on the computer is easily done without having to learn program coding. Add conditions like what to do if an obstacle is sensed (left sensor?, right sensor? or both sensors?, go back?, how far?) or the destination is reached (make a left turn? Continue?). When finished, download the program to the car using the included download cable. Disconnect the download cable and turn the power switch on. The car will then move as programmed on the class floor or teacher-designed mat with additional obstacles. Download FREE control software at

Comes with: Assembled Arduino Control Board, [2] DC motors, battery holder, and Autonomous Vehicle Kit.

Autonomous Vehicle Kit includes:

  • [2] Mechanical Sensors
  • [2] Project Motors
  • [4] Gear Wheels
  • [2] Smooth Wheels
  • [2] Metal Washers
  • [2] Screws
  • [10] Tubes, Blue
  • Tube, Gray
  • Spacer Straw, Black
  • Snap-Off Rod
  • [4] Connectors, Blue
  • [4] Connectors, Green
  • [4] Elastic Bands
  • Adhesive Putt
  • Abrasive Paper

Requires [2] AA batteries.

Kits require proper hand tools (Kre8® tube cutter or snips to cut sheet materials and light blue tubes), some soldering (to connect the sensors, motors, etc.), advanced assembly and adult supervision. Kre8® is a registered trademark of KELVIN L.P. Kre8® kits can be assembled in regular classrooms. Sold to schools only.