KELVIN® KelBotics™ Robotic Control System

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Product Overview

Now you can program the robotic arm for PAUSE, REPEAT and GOTO. KELVIN®'s Robotic Control System has superior hardware and software for better robotic arm response. KELVIN® has worked hard to make the KelBotics Robotic Arm easy to operate, easy to control; easy to program for all ages.

In addition to the Fully Assembled Interface, this version also includes Software, a Fully Assembled Robotic Arm and a wall adapter. Requires [4] D batteries or KelBotics™ Battery Eliminator. This version is ideally recommended for students in Grades 2 and up. Windows, USB.

"The 3rd grade students were first to try this one out. Without any prior instruction they figured out what each function did and created their own program on the computer to do a pick-and-place maneuver. Constant comments such as 'cool' and 'neat' went along with the learning.

The 5th graders have affectionately named the robotic arm, Kelvey. 1st graders explored both manual and computer interface and think the computer version is better because it's like the real thing!" - Terry Thode, Ernest Hemingway Middle School, Ketchum, ID