KELVIN® KelBotics™ 5-10 Day Module

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Product Overview

The KELVIN® KelBotics™ System will intrigue children of all ages. It is an excellent tool for teaching many subjects and concepts. This 5-10 Module will help you plan activities around the KelBotics System.

Elementary teachers should use the Module's Fact Sheets to enhance their own knowledge of robotics. This information will help you develop age appropriate activities for early elementary children. Middle school children can use the Fact and Activity Sheets as a self instruction module.

Using the Kel-Botics System as a teaching tool is limited only to the programmer's creativity. Children of all ages are fascinated by its mobility. An excellent strategy is to use the Kel-Botics System as a vehicle to deliver content and concepts from a variety of subject areas. Use the following topics as a starting point to develop activities and lesson plans.

ELEMENTARY- Investigative Play In:

  • Human Body And The Robotics Body - Brain/Computer, Motor/Muscles, Eyes/Sensors, Etc.
  • Machines - Wheels, Gears, Electricity, Batteries, Pulleys, Levers, Tools
  • Mathematics - Measuring, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication
  • Community - Where Can/Do We Use Robots To Do Work?
  • Technology - Natural World Vs. The People-Made World
  • Art - What Do Robots Look Like?, Design And Build A Robot, Using Robots To Create Art
  • Critical Thinking - Solving Problems Through Robotic Programming

MIDDLE SCHOOL- Hands-On Learning By Doing:

  • Technology - Natural World Vs. The People-Made World, Impacts Of Technology On People And The Environment, Controlling Technology, Systems In Technology, Resources Of Technology, Computer Applications
  • Science - Simple Machines, Mechanical Advantage, Energy, Circuits
  • Mathematics - Logic, Programming, Measurement, Estimation, Mathematics Operations
  • Social Studies - Economic Impacts Of Business, World Economy And Competition, Job Displacement, Industrial Revolution, Shifts In Society Due To Technology.
  • Language Arts - Ethics In Technology, Technology And Science Fiction,
  • Technology And Change