KELVIN® Kel-Timer™ Deluxe Motion Timer

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Product Overview

This portable unit, like the Kel-Timer™ is ideal for field testing without a computer. Input distance in feet or meters and results are displayed as Time, Mi/h or Km/h. Use with dragsters, maglev vehicles water channel testers, etc.

Although similar to the Kel-Timer™, the “Deluxe” model incorporates an additional feature that allows for measuring acceleration in a single lane (like the Kel-Accel™). Four infrared sensors can be positioned to measure acceleration in one lane. Enter the distance between each sensor so the Kel-Timer™ Deluxe can compute and display the speed and acceleration for your vehicle. Available options include computer software to download from the timer to a computer (listed below) and a data and sensor holder (listed below). Win 95-XP. Serial interface is required for Timer to PC download software.

The Kel-Timer™ Deluxe includes: [4] 50 ft. long sensor cables that can be used with a track up to 100 feet long and a DC wall adapter (or use [4] 'AA' batteries).