KELVIN® Kel-Air™ Electronic Air-Powered Dragster Launcher w/ Track & ClassView Timer™

Stock Number:

Set includes: 

  • Electronic Air-Powered Launcher (851367)
  • ClassView™ Timer (see features below) w/ Power Supply (841618)
  • Economy Track: 24 ft. long in three 8 ft. long sections (842429)
  • Start/Finish Sensors Gates (Pre-Wired)
  • Hand Controller Set (851518)
  • [2] Portable Air Compressors (500027)
  • [50] Dragster Kits (841423)

Class View™ Timer features:

  • Class View: Large super bright 7-segment 1-character height LED displays. Ideal for whole class to view the competition results.
  • Monitor: 1 or 2 lane monitoring. Simultaneously display race time, speed, response time and distance.
  • Reaction Practice Mode: 2 modes: Normal (racing mode) and practice (test response time). Manual / Automatic racing modes.
  • Controls: Master controller for race start. Two other individual hand-held controllers for each lane.
  • Car Staging: built-in Car staging testing.
  • Christmas Tree Display (high-power LED based): True random Christmas tree sequencer. Time: display time is 1/1000 second.
  • Speed: Selectable MPH and Km/H speed calculations and display. User selectable distance setting.
  • Two Winner Modes: Select winners by race time only or race time and response time.
  • USB Interfacing: Built-in USB port for connecting to PC computer and download the results of each race (future optional software).
  • Sensors: Optical infra-red, non-contact sensors for start/finish gates. Sensor Cable can be used for a 90 ft. race track.
  • Housing: Wood with red acrylic cover.
  • Power Supply: Includes a UL approved wall adapter.
  • Stand: A tripod stand (height adjustable) is also included.

PLEASE NOTE: This oversized item is shipped in crate by trucker and additional shipping charges of $350 will be added.