KELVIN® Kel-Air™ Electronic Air-Powered Dragster Launcher

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ECONOMICAL! No CO2 Cartridges Needed! Uses Compressed Air.

For 1 or 2 lanes. Compressed air launches vehicles safety and economically when the hand-held controllers are pressed. No CO2 cartridges are required. The interface box translates the signal from the hand-held controllers and electrically activates the launch mechanism.


  • Electric Air Launch Box
  • Electronic Launch Controller Interface
  • 2 Hand Controllers
  • Power Pack
  • Complete Iinstructions

Can be used with Kel-Timer™ (840978) and the ClassView™ Timer (841618).

Copper tubes on the front of the launcher are not adjustable. Requires [2] portable Air-Compressors.

"Just thought I'd drop a note to let you know that your No CO2 car track was featured on the National TV show 'Malcolm in The Middle' Middle School Salute to Naylor Middle School Technology Class.

I just love KELVIN® products and the one time I had a little problem with my race track the engineers worked very hard with me to figure out the problem. I figure that the track will pay for itself in the first year or two over the cost of my old CO2 track but the biggest benefit is that the kids can race and race and race with no cost to me and it allows them to learn with each race how to make the cars faster by trimming weight, making it more aerodynamic, lubrication, waxing the track etc. It is such a huge advantage over the Co2 cars that they could only launch once at the end of the school year.

My class exposes kids to 12 technology modules for one week at a time. Modules include CAD, Electronics, Robotics, Bridges, Recycled 2 liter bottle rocket launcher (another huge hit and well made KELVIN® product), Aircraft simulator, Small engines, Computer hardware, Digital Video, Animation and Digital Music (another class favorite).

P.S. - The Track is a HUGE hit with the kids and is the centerpiece of my 2,500 sqf Technology Classroom and I have a better (60 Meg) version of the video if you are interested." - Daniel Kester, Naylor Middle School, Tucson, Arizona