KELVIN® If...Then Trainer™

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Sense and Control - Programmable Logic Controller

Use the KELVIN® If...Then PLC Controller to learn more about the elements of condition programming. Also, use it to control a model of your design such as a greenhouse, light show, house alarm, doll house automation, etc. The If...Then programming is written in simple logic for quick learning.

Features include:

  • On-Board Sense and Control Programming
  • 2-Line Alphanumeric, Backlit Display
  • Input - Process - Output
  • Built-In Microprocessor
  • Built-In Keyboard
  • 4 Input Sensors: switch, photocell, etc.
  • 8 Outputs for buzzers, lights, etc. or 4 Motor Outputs

The If...Then assembled controller includes a light sensor, switch sensor, buzzer, light bulb, motor and wall adapter. Model No. RS232. (The greenhouse kit, batteries, battery holder and linear actuator motor shown are sold separately). Grades 6 and up.