KELVIN® Hyperloop Starter Set

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Based on Elon Musk Concept, KELVIN® has created an original learning system that allows students to design, model and test vehicles in a reduced pressure Hyperloop tube. The track and tube measures eight feet long. A vacuum is used to reduce the pressure within the tube while the vehicles travel on the track. A compressor provides the air power to move the vehicles down the track.

Students will integrate math, science and technology concepts by designing pods, experimenting with different air pressures within the tube and air pressure powering the vehicle.

The Starter Set comes with a Hyperloop Vehicle Launching System, a Single Lane Next Generation Maglev Track (8 ft. long), a clear Hyperloop Tube (5 in. dia. x 8 ft. long), Hyperloop Vehicle Bulk Pack of [10] Kits and instructions.

Not included but required are a vacuum and compressor. Additional optional items (not included) are the KELVIN® Motion Timer, Sensor Stand and Sensor Holders; see 842423 for complete system.

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