KELVIN® HotShot Raceway™ CO2 Dragster Launcher, 2 Lane

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Product Overview

Easy to store and very portable! Carry it to the competition sites! The self-contained mechanism doesn't have dangerous spring tension hammers that can cause injury. It has an internal spring to launch the car (with the use of CO2). Use monofilament line to keep dragster on track. Grades 6-12 with teacher supervision.

"The KELVIN® HotShot Raceway is heaven. It adjusts to the height of the car, allowing for students to error and still have fun." -Paul Frascatore, P.S. #40, Jersey City, NJ

"The KELVIN® HotShot Raceway is the best CO2 dragster launching system available. It is clearly well designed and carefully manufactured. The KELVIN® HotShot Raceway is ideal for updating older launching systems." -Henry Harms, McBee High School, SC