KELVIN® STEM Lab: Kre8® Class Pack

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Ideal for School Fair and Renewable Energy Projects

Kre8® products are built from a unique building system consisting of tubes and connectors. The system can be used to model structures, vehicles and mechanisms. The tubes are cut to size using the included snips and snapped into position using different connectors. Parts are included to mount motors, gears and wheels. This is the perfect lab for the young engineer. Assign teams of two students each to investigate each of the kits.

Students can design their own display board (like sample right) for use in the classroom or a S.T.E.M. fair with the reusable corrugated plastic board that is included.

The Class Pack consists of 12 pre-designed ready to build kits (3 each) - Jet Car, Solar Car, Mars Rover, Catapult - as well as 3 open-ended kits - STEM Maker - used to model student-designed objects. Reusable Corrugated Plastic Display Board, [2] snips and an instruction manual complete the lab. As a special bonus we also include the Kre8® Robotic Arm kit.

Requires assembly with snips.