KELVIN® STEM Lab: Alternative Energy Class Pack

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Product Overview

Wind, Solar and Hydro Energy - Ideal for School Fair and Renewable Energy Projects - Grades 6-12

This lab includes kits that will help students, in teams of two, explore different aspects of alternative energy - wind, hydroelectric and solar. Additional parts are included, so they can apply their knowledge with their own designs.

Activities include designing and building a:

  • Wind Turbine (6 included), powered by a hair dryer (not included), to light an LED.
  • Hydroelectric Generator that uses running water from a sink or hose to generate electricity.
  • Solar-powered Model Car.
  • Solar-powered Model House.

Students can design their own display board (like sample right) for use in the classroom or a S.T.E.M. fair with the reusable corrugated plastic board that is included.

The Team Pack includes: Reusable Corrugated Plastic Display Board, [6] Wind Turbine Kits, [3] Hydroelectric Kits, [3] Solar House Fan Kits, [3] Solar Car Kits and [2] 50LE Multimeters.

The display board is not included; students design their own display board or project portfolio for use in the classroom or STEM fair. Needs assembly with hand tools as well as blower fan and access to running water.

PLEASE NOTE: KELVIN® reserves the right to substitute kit contents due to stocking availability issues.