KELVIN® STEM Lab: Land Transportation

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Product Overview

An entry level lab that helps students investigates things that move on the ground. Connect lessons about force, motion, friction and Newton’s Laws with hands-on activities.

Students can design their own display board (like sample shown) for use in the classroom or a S.T.E.M. fair with the reusable corrugated plastic board that is included. Gr. 4-7.

The team pack includes:

  • Corrugated Plastic Display Board
  • Penny Racer Track
  • [10] Penny Racer Kits
  • Economy Foam Cutter (assembled)
  • [5] Balloon Racer Kits
  • [3] Recycled Bottle Car Kits (bottles not included)
  • [5] Balloon Hovercraft Kits
  • [5] Solar Racers Kits