KELVIN® STEM Lab: Electricity

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Grades 4-7

Learn through hands on and design and build activities the basics of electricity and electrical circuits. Students will combine electrical components to create simple circuits and solve simple electricity design problems. Students can design their own display board (like sample above) for use in the classroom or a S.T.E.M. fair with the reusable corrugated plastic board that is included.

Team Pack includes Reusable Corrugated Plastic Display Board, [5] Light House Kits, [10] Switches, Wires, [10] Bulbs, [10] Sockets, [10] Buzzers, Jumper Cables, [10] Battery Holders and Motors.

Requires batteries and assembly with hand tools. Teachers will need to supply glue and hand tools (such as a ruler, scissors, awl, hole punch, utility knife, etc.).