KELVIN® Flight Dynamic Wind Tunnel

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Product Overview

The Kel-Wind™ Dynamic Wind Tunnel will allow your students to optimize their design solutions by gathering data and visualizing air flow over a surface. The tunnel can be used to view and measure the force of lift on airfoils and the force of drag on vehicle bodies, rocket parts and other objects. When used with a simple streamer or smoke machine students can observe the flow of air over any surface.

  • Wind speed up to 25mph
  • ¼ HP Blower
  • Made from ¼ Sintron plastic and aluminum
  • Viewing chamber 14 in. long, 6¼ in. high, 6½ in. deep
  • LED lit viewing chamber
  • Tunnel includes streamer, test stand, airfoil and rocket mounts and instructions

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Shown with optional Lift and Drag Sensor - see below.