KELVIN® Elite Kel-Timer™ Motion Timer

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Product Overview

This updated design is based on laser technology so it is a lot less sensitive to ambient light. New features include redesigned sensors with LED feedback and 4-line LCD backlit display with selectable units for distance and speed (ft, meters, m/h, km/h). The LED feedback near the sensors constantly displays their current state making it very easy to align them without looking at the timer’s screen. Any settings changes you make can be stored so that you do not need to re-enter them every time. Ideal for 1 or 2 lane timing with 1/1000 second accuracy. Maximum 99 seconds. Modular RJ45 cable connectors can be chained together from start gate to finish gate for the sensors (one per lane). Uses inexpensive CAT5 cable to any length needed. Mini-USB serial connection to transmit race information to a computer or serial terminal. Comes with two 20 ft. long cables for 2 lane competition (see 000000 below for longer cables) and 5V power adaptor (110V AC). Optional rechargeable battery pack (charged by any USB charger) and additional cables available.