KELVIN® Electronics LabKit Trainer: Digital

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Use breadboard points and jumper wires between sections to create circuits. No need for special cables or alligator clips. Ideal for HS and trade schools.

In addition to descriptions of all basic parts, experiments in the manual cover:

  • Lighting LEDs
  • Using different types of switches
  • Display numbers on 7 segment displays
  • Using a simple digital probe
  • Generating sounds
  • Generating colors with an RGB LED
  • Demonstrating the operation of AND, OR and NOT gates
  • Build 4-bit and 8-bit binary counters and display the data
  • Build decade counters
  • Use and demonstrate debouncing circuits
  • Serial to parallel data transfer
  • Parallel to serial data transfer
  • Generating PWM signals

Digital LabKit includes:

  • [2] Displays, 7-segment w/ BCD driver (CD4511)
  • [8] LEDs w/ Drivers (ULN2803)
  • [2] Binary Counters, 4-Bit (7493)
  • Shift Register, Parallel In/Serial Out (74165)
  • Shift Register, Parallel Out/Serial In (74164)
  • [6] Digital Inputs/Outputs, Debounced
  • 555 Timer w/ Frequency and PWM Adjustable
  • RGB LED (Common Cathode)
  • Digital Probe w/ Light and Sound Outputs
  • [4] AND Gates (7408)
  • [4] OR Gates (7432)
  • [6] Inverters (7404)
  • 10K Potentiometer
  • [4] Push Button Switches
  • [8] SPDT Switches w/ Protecting Resistors
  • 400 Contact Breadboard

The assembled trainer comes in a small carry case that is easy to work with and store away when not in use. Powered by the provided 5V DC wall adapter or [4] AAA batteries (not included) for standalone operation. Each section has its own power connection and does not drain the batteries when not in use.