KELVIN® Eggsellent™ Track I

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Product Overview

Bill and Ted's "Eggsellent" Adventure is a Safety Car Case Study Activity developed by Barry Borakove, a leading technology education teacher from Soyosset High School in New York. This activity, originally developed for use in the Principles of Engineering Course, incorporates engineering concepts along with problem-solving, design, physics, mathematics, and technology.

The class is divided into design teams and students are challenged to design a safety system for a pre-assembled platform base car that protects the occupant of the vehicle, an egg, in a plastic bag.

The object of the activity is to design and build the:

  • Restraint System
  • Car Body
  • Ergonomics System
  • Crumbling Zone

Students will describe and draw their designs for each objective using a design portfolio and, if possible, formally draft their design using a school CAD program. The teacher should be presented with the design portfolio before the team proceeds to the next step.

Once the design is approved, the teacher will provide the students with the tools and material needed to build the car body and crumbling zone. For the restraint and ergonomics systems, the teams can also use styrofoam, bubblewrap, cardboard, plastic, rubberband, elastic, etc.

After construction is completed, the teams test their designs and evaluate the survival of the occupant; the egg. The car is released from the top of a 16 ft. ramp and races down towards impact with the brick (provided by the teacher). During the evaluation stage, you may want to incorporate one of the KELVIN® Motion Timers to measure the car's speed or the KELVIN® Impact Analyzer to measure the impact on the passenger. Grades 7-12.

Comes with:

  • [1] 8 ft. long Eggsellent Adventure Track - SEE NOTE
  • [1] Eggsellent Car Base Kit

NOTE: For best results, we recommend two Eggsellent Adventure Tracks connected end-to-end for this activity.