KELVIN® E.P. Solar Car Bulk Pack

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Bulk Pack of 20 - As Low As $11.95 Per Kit!

The Engineering Principles Solar Car Kit relates to energy conservation as well as energy conversion. This product is part of KELVIN®'s Engineering Principles Series™. This series is comprised of a group of activities that focus on one or more engineering or scientific principles. Products are made from light, rigid cardstock, or a combination of cardstock and other hardware, such a gears, motors and wheels. In assembling the kits, children learn about the basics of working with paper (cutting, bending, paper strength and fastening) as well as the engineering principle associated with the product. This series offers a range of learning experiences for a range of students.

Each kit includes: pre-printed cardstock, encapsulated solar cell, rubber band, wheels and axles.

PLEASE NOTE: Requires use of hot glue gun and hand tools. KELVIN® reserves the right to substitute kit contents due to stocking availability issues.