KELVIN® Design-A-Top™ Bulk Pack

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Putting science and engineering dynamics in action!

Spinning tops are among the oldest of toys. The first tops may have been nuts or other symmetrical forms found in nature. Tops as toys were used by the early Chinese and Japanese, and other early civilizations around the world. The Dreidel is a type of spinning top used to play a traditional Jewish Hanukkah game, and it can be traced back more than 2000 years. A spinning top is one of the earliest toy patents granted by the United States Patent Office.

While a seemingly simple device, the operation of a top is based on the application of sophisticated science principles, including: torque, angular momentum, gravity, center of gravity and precession. Students are able to discuss concepts such as symmetry in design and planning, gain mathematical knowledge in the areas of measurement, and improve skills in technical areas such as cutting, shaping and fastening. Consequently, the Keltop is an important learning device.

TFAA reference: Nature of Technology: Relationships Among Technologies and the Connections Between Technology and Other Fields.

Each kit consists of:

  • (1) 3/4 x 1 x 5-1/2 in. Soft Wood Stick
  • (1) 1/4 x 6 in. Wood Dowel
  • (1) #18 x 1/2 in. Escutcheon Pin
  • (1) 18 in. String
  • (1) KELVIN® CD 1/4 in. Axle Insert
  • (1) KELVIN® CD Wheel
  • (1) KELVIN® TeAct Direction Sheet