KELVIN® Design-A-Game™ Class Pack

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Challenge your students to design and construct a board game. Students begin by sketching and describing their game (the rules, how many can play, why it would be fun, etc.). Students can continue to design the game mechanically or use their desktop publishing software and computer.

Next, students use the included products and materials to build a prototype. Students evaluate the game by playing it. With feedback from participants, students should make any adjustments needed to make the game a success. To take the activity further, students can rank the games and choose the best game to try and market. Grades 2-12.

This class pack contains: Assorted Dice, Large Pawns, Novelty Pawns (like a Rocket, Airplane, Horse with Rider, House, and Hotel), Scoring Pencils, Paper Money, Sand Timers, Chipboard for the game board, Grid Paper and cardboard boxes for game storage.

KELVIN® TIP: Draw and decorate the game box and board with markers or, use a computer to design and printout more professional designs and paste them on.