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KELVIN® Cuss Remediator Bulk Pack

Price: $199.95
Stock #: 841856


As Low As $19.99 Per Student!

The user loses a coin each time they cuss. The 'Cuss Remediator' will drop a coin into a container in a series of steps. Keep in mind that Rube Goldberg- made his drawings as a reaction to technology. They were a linear series of complicated steps to perform a simple task.

The first lever is pulled by someone after a person cusses, thus activating a second lever, which in turn activates a third lever pulling the magnet away from the steel ball (4th step). The steel ball rolls down the ramp tipping the teeter-totter (5th step) and knocking the coin onto the exposed wires (6th step), which in turn activates the buzzer (7th step) thus vibrating the coin into the cup (8th and last step).-

10 Kit Bulk Pack includes: Plywood Base, Magnets, Plastic Cups, Required Hardware, Battery Holder, Steel Ball, Wire, Buzzer, Wood and Aluminum Strips and Instructions. Kit requires shop tools, [2] -AA" batteries. Students can work in teams of two.

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