KELVIN® Creative Crane Team Pack

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Enough for six teams. Students will design and build a lightweight crane that creatively lifts a variable load (P) from a structure a minimum vertical height (V) of 18 inches with a minimum horizontal (H) clearance distance of 9 inches from the edge of the tower or footprint of the crane. The crane structure may encroach on a 45 degree angle from the lifting point.

The crane must lift the load a minimum of 6 inches to qualify. The crane that lifts the greatest load and meets the portfolio and interview requirements showing proper application of the concepts introduced will be deemed the best design.

Structural Testing Criteria:

  • Organize the Design Team and Assign Jobs
  • Tension, Compression and Bending
  • Column Buckling
  • Horizontal Component Vector and Changing Angles
  • Braced Length and Column Buckling
  • The Mechanical Advantage of Pulleys
  • Crane Stability and Rotational Overturning
  • Possible Structural Design Solutions

Aesthetic Criteria:

  • Shapes of Cantilevers, Cranes and Towers
  • Possible Aesthetic Design Solutions

Standard U.S. pennies are used for the weights and counterweights. Both the weights and counterweights must be suspended from the crane. Students must design a container to hold the pennies for weight and counterweight. There are no restrictions except that the container may not be structural and can not rest on the ground.

Students are scored as follows:

  1. Maximum Load = 70 percent
  2. Team Portfolio = 20 percent
  3. Team Interview = 10 percent

This pack for six teams includes: basic instructions, 1/8 x 1/8 x 12 in. balsa, [6] pulley packs (4 pulleys per package), [6] motors, and [6] motor holders. Grades 7 and up. Kit.

PLEASE NOTE: DC voltage power source required (see 841051). Not laser cut or pre-designed.

The teacher must supply glue (any type such as hot glue guns or wood glue), thin sheet metal (for block and tackle), nuts and bolts or pins and nails (for pulley axle).