KELVIN® Condor Glider™ Bulk Pack

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Bulk Pack of 20 - As Low As $6.75 Per Kit!

Design a large glider that is catapulted with an elastic band, or for even more excitement, launch the glider with a CO2 cartridge!

The students first design and shape the glider's 21 in. Fuselage and 24 in. Wingspan. The design can then be assembled and tested using the Condor" Launcher.

Launch the glider in your school's sports area using either the KELVIN® Rubberband Launcher (283381) or the Launcher with ADD-ON Condor™ CO2 Firing-Pin Mechanism (283406).

Test to see which glider flies the farthest, highest, longest duration or most stable.

Each kit includes foam cut to rough shape of the wing and fuselage, balsa, rubber bands, nose weights and instructions with wing templates.

PLEASE NOTE: An empty CO2 cartridge (not included) is required for weight and connecting the glider to launcher. Teacher supervision is required.