KELVIN® C.P.A.D. Tester w/ Laptop

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Product Overview

This system can be used to test your bridge project, tower or wood beam material for building your model bridge. The major advantage of this system is that you do not have to break the bridge or the structure in order to compare results. The bridge or the structure can be tested for their strengths by comparing their deflection.

Deflection with the CPAD™ refers to how far the structure bends at the given weight. For example, if you put 5 lb. of weight on a structure, one structure may bend 1 in. and another structure may bend more or less. With the help of the computer, you can differentiate between small differences in deflection which may not been seen by the eye.

Features include:

  • [2] Independent Pressure Sensors with a total of 300 lb max. load capacity.
  • One Deflection Sensor with expandable arm to accommodate different designs.
  • Superimpose up to four sets of data on a graph for performance comparisons.
  • Automatic, Accurate Sensor Calibration.
  • Continuous Pressure and Displacement Display.
  • Calibrate the Y-axis in actual weight units (lbs.).
  • Instant, minimum and maximum values constantly maintained.
  • 5 levels of software zooming to the graph area. You can zoom at each area independently.
  • Two different plotting modes (panning and wrapping)
  • Single run or continuous run plotting modes
  • Selectable data acquisition rate (samples per second)
  • Save and retrieve graph data to files for later analysis

Includes CPAD™ with Laptop and Pre-loaded Software. Windows. Grades 6 and up.