KELVIN® Build Your Own® Community Design Challenge

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Everything you need for your students to begin work as town planners by designing their own mini-community. A great cooperative class project that integrates many subject areas, including: tech ed, math, science, social studies and art.

Set up problem-solving scenarios such as lakes, streams or hills which students must consider in their designs. Stores, schools, houses and roads must be worked into the layout of the community. Materials included permit students to design original miniature structures or they can work with pre-designed buildings.

Students develop a portfolio emphasizing key concepts covered in the project. This activity offers an excellent opportunity for students to learn about the concepts of community planning while working in cooperative groups. The finished project makes an excellent display for Parent's Night or to promote your technology program.

Real world concepts can be incorporated, including: Measuring and Surveying, Budget, Zoning, Planning, Design, Population, Social and Community Issues, Terrain and Landscape, Presentation, Natural Geography, Working in 3-D, Modeling Skills (detailing and painting), Construction, Working with Tools and Processing Materials.

Kit includes: foam boards (for project platform), pre-printed building patterns with windows and doors, extra windows and doors, pre-printed patterns for stores and school, accessory starter set (trees, cars and people), Land Developer Design Portfolio and grid cardstock for designing new buildings.