KELVIN® Bottle Geek™ Vehicle Kit

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Let's see if you can turn your water bottle (you supply) into a car, a boat or a plane that can fly using the KELVIN® Wright Brother Design Challenge.

This kit comes with:

  • [2] Motors (Solar and High Speed)
  • [4] Wheels
  • [2] Brackets
  • Axles
  • Dowel Rods
  • [2] Propellers
  • Switch
  • Battery Holders
  • Battery Snap
  • [2] Blue Foam Blanks (for floats)
  • Foam Tray
  • General Instructions

Students have to design and investigate which motor to use, which propeller to use, how many batteries to use, how to hook up the power and, most importantly, what kind of design will work well. Additional supplies can be provided by the instructor or student. Grades 6 and up.

PLEASE NOTE: Wood base may require drilling for axle holes, cutting and shaping.