KELVIN® Belly Bear I™ Electronics Trainer

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Design, Build and Test a Structure

Electronic learning made easy with quick disconnect connections. Create and test circuitry while learning about discrete components.

The Belly Bear I(tm) is a self-contained, assembled trainer that includes the following, built-in: Assorted Switches, Two-Directional Diodes, Buzzer for sound, Motor for motion, Capacitors to demonstrate hi/low capacitance, Resistors to demonstrate hi/low resistance, [2] Fuses (a good one and a bad one for testing, [3] Light Filaments and [3] LEDs. This trainer also comes with a 60-page student manual and a 75-page teacher's guide. Actual board size is 8-1/2 x 10-1/2 in. Grades 1 and up.