KELVIN® Basic 3™ Trainer

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Electronic circuits and schematic diagrams can be difficult to understand when learning about them. Even simple concepts can be difficult to grasp! What's needed are simple, hands-on activities that explore the concepts as students learn about them - KELVIN® BASIC 3™ Trainer!

The original BASIC 3™ concept and activities were designed and written by Earl D. Gates, the author of Introduction to Electronics: A Practical Approach. Further developed by KELVIN® engineers, the BASIC 3™ Input-Process-Output Trainer introduces students to electronics in a non-threatening, thematic way. Hands-on activities help students, grades 5 and up, explore electronics at their own pace.

The compact, assembled trainer features a plug-in motherboard, 6-1/4 x 9-1/4 in., and built-in sensors. Stackable banana plug leads are used for quick circuitry design and hands-on experiments.

The assembled trainer includes: Expandable Motherboard, 9 V DC Wall Transformer, Stackable Banana Plug Leads, Ten Activity Cards, Design Portfolio, Detailed Teacher's Guide, and Plug-In Module (additional plug-in modules for digital and analog are available).