KELVIN® Advanced Submarine Design Challenge

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The sight of a submarine disappearing into the vast ocean deep captures the imagination of both the young and old. How does the sub descend and then climb back to the water's surface? What propels the sub deep underwater?

The KELVIN® Submarine Designer Challenge will help your students answer these and other scientific and technical questions about the operation of submarines.

Designed for elementary through high school students, this activity will challenge your students to design, model and test a working submarine model. Younger children can make the sub descend and ascend while older students can add a propulsion system to the diving sub.

Advanced Submarine Challenge Features:

  • Forward and reverse motion
  • Dive and ascend
  • Adjustable rudder
  • Underwater DC motor pack design and assembly
  • Open ended design, build and test activity
  • Integrates Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Each challenge includes detailed instructions and resource materials along with plastic bottles and all necessary materials for variable designs.