KELVIN® Add-On Sensor Package

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Product Overview

Build Your Own® Autonomous Robot

Choose the SUMO Wrestler® kit featured in the prior page and add brain and autonomous movement based on commands you write on line (without codes but using flow chart that convert in the background to commands). One activity could be to program the robotic car to move from point A to point B while with obstacles along the way.

What you need to add is the brain. Requires Genie Motor Board. You will also need to get the software and the download cable which can be used to service many kits. Download your program to the brain of your robot then disconnect the download cable, press the switch and the robot will follow your commands.

The sensor pack sends feedback to the robot; for example, if it hit left sensor or right what should robot do? back up? turn around? how much of a turn? what after that? should it move forward? it all depends on what you programmed on the computer.

Includes two lever switch sensors, whisker extenders, screws, and wire to connect to the robot brain interface (sold separately). Does not include plans or car base.

Choose from the Two Computer Interface and Software Options to Convert your SUMO Wrestler™ into an Autonomous Robot! Choose the Kre8® Brainy-Motor Board or Genie PCB Motor Board.