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KELVIN® Beams & Triangles™ 

cat-842307.jpg KELVIN® Beams & Triangles™ Design

KitBulk Pack

cat-consumables.jpg KELVIN® Beams & Triangles™ Consumables

Basic PackDeluxe Pack

cat-650511.jpg KELVIN® Beams & Triangles™ Activity Guide


cat-jigs.jpg KELVIN® Jigs


cat-840680.jpg KELVIN® Beams & Triangles™ Tools & Jigs

Starter Pack

cat-840926.jpg KELVIN® Beams & Triangles™ Lab Pack

Everything needed for a class to complete projects including activity guide, consumables, tools and jigs.
Lab Pack

cat-dowels.jpg Dowels

1/8 in. dia. 3/16 in. dia. 1/4 in. dia. 3/8 in. dia.
1/2 in. dia.3/4 in. dia. 1 in. dia.

cat-wood.jpg Pine Wood

3/8 x 3/8 x 24 in. 1/2 x 3/16 x 24 in. 3/4 x 3/16 x 24 in.

cat-420334.jpg KELVIN® Beams & Triangles™ Cardstock

Axle Mounts Triangles

cat-420336.jpg Cardboard Wheels

1-1/2 in. dia.2-1/2 in. dia.

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