Indoor Flyer

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The 'Indoor flyer' has been designed as a beginners model for flying in a gym or a sports hall.

Making,includes cutting and joining all the balsa, strips, covering the wings, constructing the'V-form'and assembling the model.

The pleasure is enormous when you see your finished model climb slowly to the ceiling and fly in circles. In spite of its fragile construction, the materials used are surprisingly strong and can take knocks without breaking.

When the motor is fully wound flights of more than 1min 30 secs are possible. The model can reach the roof of a sports hall and turn slowly in 2 metre circles. It can even be flown in smaller spaces such as classrooms or a school hall.

It has a wingspan of 28 cm, a body length of 33 cm and weighs only 5 gm including the rubber motor. The pack includes: balsa strip, wing covering, propeller and step by step plans.