Glue & Glue Guns
  • Glue Stick

    Glue Stick

    All Purpose. Easy, no-mess bonding dries fast and clear. Use to glue photos, paper and fabrics. Cleans up with water and/or soap. 0.22 oz.

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  • School Glue

    School Glue

    Perfect for school projects, crafts, and light home repair. Works on a variety of materials. Non-toxic, white glue dries clear. 4 oz.

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  • Tacky Modeling Glue

    Tacky Modeling Glue

    Non toxic tacky glue for paper, wood and crafts. 1 oz. NOTE: Not recommended for young children. Requires teacher supervision.

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  • Tacky Glue

    Tacky Glue

    For paper, wood and crafts. 4 oz. NOTE: Not recommended for young children. Requires teacher supervision.

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  • Wood Glue

    Wood Glue

    Carpenter's interior wood glue for furniture repair and general household projects. Best for soft and hardwoods, particle board and porous materials. Light color for natural and light stained woods.Indoor use only. Cleans up with soap & water when...

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  • Super Glue

    Super Glue

    Bonds in seconds. Clog resistant tip. One drop application. Works on plastics, porcelain or leather. 2 grams.

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  • Krazy Glue

    Krazy Glue

    All purpose; bonds instantly. Ideal for most surfaces including wood, plastic, metal, rubber, glass, and ceramic.

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  • Super Fast Epoxy Cement

    Super Fast Epoxy Cement

    Sets in just 5 minutes! Bonds wood, metal, most hard plastics, glass, marble, concrete, tile and brick. Heavy-duty bond is resistant to heat, water, oil, and gasoline. Two tubes: one tube hardener, one tube resin. 0.5 oz.

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  • Epoxy Adhesive

    Epoxy Adhesive

    Industrial strength, quick setting epoxy binds in 4-6 minutes. Use with ceramic, glass, wood, leather, fiberglass, metals, most plastics, and more.

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  • Hot/Cool Melt Glue Gun

    Hot/Cool Melt Glue Gun

    Pro-Style Glue Gun with 2-temperature switch and trigger feed. Uses 1/2 in. diameter Multi-Temp/Hot Melt glue slugs. 

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