Game Parts
  • KELVIN® Design-A-Game™ Class Pack

    KELVIN® Design-A-Game™ Class Pack

    Challenge your students to design and construct a board game. Students begin by sketching and describing their game (the rules, how many can play, why it would be fun, etc.). Students can continue to design the game mechanically or use their desktop...

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  • KELVIN® Game Box Kit

    KELVIN® Game Box Kit

    Top and bottom boxes for 8"x11" size box. Ready for design, cutting, assembly and decoration. Printed cardboard. 20/pkg.

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  • Pawn


    Basic pawns in assorted colors (approximately 100 each of green, blue, yellow, red and orange). 1 in. H. 500/pkg. 

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  • KELVIN® Design-A-Game™ Advanced Parts Kit

    KELVIN® Design-A-Game™ Advanced Parts Kit

    This kit includes: Playing Board Unassembled Blank Game Box Large Game Pawns (Assorted Colors) Spinner Backgammon Dice (2) Sand Timer Blank Paper DesignGrid Paper Additional Pawns (rocket, horse, hotel, house, airplane) Fake Money Doubling...

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  • Arrow Spinner

    Arrow Spinner

    3" long spinner is 3/32" thick with a hole dimension of 3/16". The spinner is plastic. 30/pkg.

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