KELVIN® Explore Wind Farm Technology Lab

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Dotting the hills of America from New York to California, majestic wind turbine farms are beginning to emerge as this exciting technology produces clean renewable energy for thousands of people. Explore wind farm technology with your students using KELVIN's® Wind Farm Lab.

Students will design, build and test a wind turbine generator that produces electricity using wind power. Their generator will become part of a three generator wind farm system.

The lab includes the KELVIN® Wind Turbine Mounting Stand which enables three wind turbines to be joined in series or parallel and tested at one time. Also included in the lab is the Electrical Output Monitoring System to measure the current and voltage of each generator or the total output of the wind farm as the load on the system is varied. Specially designed for this lab we include KELVIN's Controllable Wind Machine. The wind machine allows the control of the wind speed and wind direction using movable louvers. The lab also includes [3] Wind Turbine Designer Kits with instructions and resource materials.