• Etching Tank

    Etching Tank

    This tank will etch in only 4 minutes! Includes an electric agitator and hanging accessories. 160 x 250mm maximum PC board size. 

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  • Ammonium Persulphate

    Ammonium Persulphate

    Economical! KELVIN®'s Ammonium Sulphate Etchant powder features an indefinite shelf life. Mix with water as needed; 4 lbs. makes up to 2 gallons of 20% solution. 4 lbs.

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  • Transfer Film

    Transfer Film

    Press-n-Peel dry transfer paper. Photocopy or laser print the PC board design onto Dry Transfer PC Board Film. Then iron the film onto copper clad board and peel it off before etching. Sheets are 8.5"x11". 5 sheets per pkg.

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