KELVIN® Engineering & Structures Mini Module 2: Earthquake Resistant Bridges

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The activity was designed to introduce students to the various concepts and techniques of earthquake engineering as well as structural engineering. The students will be asked to design, build and model an earthquake resistant bridge within certain criteria. The bridge will be tested using the KELVIN® Earthquake Simulator.

The exploration will also include studying different types of bridges and the fundaments of earth science.

Module contents include: Grid Paper, DesignGrid™ Cardstock, Carpenters Glue, Balsa Strips, Round Head Pins, Wax Paper, Craft Knives, Triple Beam Balance, String, Rubberbands, Sand, Paper Cups, Springs Assortment, Architectural Foam Board, EQ Machine, Kel-KPS Power Supply, and Mass Destruction Unit for EQ Machine and lab manual.

Level: ELM, MS, HS.