Engineering: More Than Just Technology

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Learn how engineering and technology education are intimately related, both historically and in the practical world. Understand the engineering process as discussed through actual examples given by the author in his own career. Explore values of an engineering education, the fields of engineering available today, and how to prepare for a challenging and well-paying job in it.

Table of Contents:

  1. Engineering—The Profession in Perspective
  2. Technology—The Engineer’s Innovation Tool
  3. Engineering and Tech Ed
  4. Fields of Engineering
  5. Functions of Engineering
  6. My First Major Engineering Project
  7. My Second Major Engineering Project
  8. The Engineering Process—Part I
  9. The Engineering Process—Part II
  10. The Rewards of Engineering
  11. Making the Engineering Grade
  12. Preparing for an Engineering Education
  13. Being a Professional Engineer
  14. Engineering Activities for the Classroom

Experience the world of creativity, invention, technology education and engineering through the eyes of a nationally recognized engineer, inventor, and technology educator. Harry T. Roman’s books will help you bring the excitement of these topics to your classroom. His easy-to-read books are loaded with real-world experiences, classroom exercises, and design challenges; and have been time-tested through many in-service seminars he has given to teachers in grades 6-12. Harry helped implement the technology education movement in New Jersey. His work is read by thousands of technology educators across the nation.