KELVIN® Electronics Trainers
  • KELVIN® Everything® 50 Trainer

    KELVIN® Everything® 50 Trainer

    Super Analog/Digital benchtop trainer complete with power supplies, function generator, potentiometers, switches (straight and debounced), LEDs (straight and buffered) and two 7-segment LED displays. Intended for use with your textbook; does not include...

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  • KELVIN® If...Then Trainer™

    KELVIN® If...Then Trainer™

    Sense and Control - Programmable Logic Controller Use the KELVIN® If...Then PLC Controller to learn more about the elements of condition programming. Also, use it to control a model of your design such as a greenhouse, light show, house alarm, doll house...

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  • KELVIN® SoFast® Electronics Mini Lab 1+2+3

    KELVIN® SoFast® Electronics Mini Lab 1+2+3

    Gr. 7-12 Boards and Parts in Mini Lab 1+2+3 include: Kre8® Car Kit DIY Mini Breadboard for 5 Connections  555 Timer Speaker RGB LED [3] LED Boards Transistor Driver Relay Tilt Switch [2] Lever Switches Push Switch Momentary Switch Motor Photo Cell...

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  • KELVIN® Everything® 10 Trainer

    KELVIN® Everything® 10 Trainer

    The KELVIN® Everything 10™ Trainer is the MOST electronic trainer for your money! Intended for use with your textbook; does not include curriculum. Board measures 5-5/8 x 5-5/8 in. In addition to a Wire Jumper Kit and 12V Power Supply, the...

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  • KELVIN® Basic 3™ Trainer

    KELVIN® Basic 3™ Trainer

    Electronic circuits and schematic diagrams can be difficult to understand when learning about them. Even simple concepts can be difficult to grasp! What's needed are simple, hands-on activities that explore the concepts as students learn about them -...

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  • KELVIN® Belly Bear II™ Electronic Trainer

    KELVIN® Belly Bear II™ Electronic Trainer

    The KELVIN® Belly Bear™ Trainers are an economical way for students, grades 1 and up, to learn about electronics. No prior electronics knowledge, on the part of the teacher or student, is needed. Quick disconnect connections make it easy to...

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