Electrical Inventions Workshop Classroom Pack

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Design and build an alarm system for your bedroom, a light-up Frisbee ® you can use at night, and a fortune-telling box that is a new electric version of the old Magic 8 Ball® or the fortune tellers you see at carnivals. This is a very fun, creative, open-ended challenge that is probably unlike anything you have done before.

Before you can tackle these design challenges, you first need to learn about electricity, learn how to build circuits and switches and how to draw schematics of circuits. You will learn how to wire series and parallel circuits, and you need to understand how these two different types of circuits work. You will also learn how to strip and solder wires, as well as how to use other basic tools to build things.

Electrical Engineers understand how to design and build different types of circuits to make electrical devices, like iPods and TVs, cell phones, kids toys, computers, weather satellites, robotic vacuum cleaners, electric cars, and many other things. This workshop will give you the ability to design and build your own electrical inventions, and give you some idea of what it is like to be an Electrical Engineer.

Includes: [12] Project Parts Kit (#021291), a Workshop Materials Pack (#021292), and a Spare Parts Kit (#021293).