Egg Timer Assembled Demo

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The circuit simulates an egg timer. The kit has four LEDs , two switches and a buzzer. One of the switches is labeled ?Set Timer". As you press the switch multiple times the LEDs light up and stay on representing the total set time. Each step has a preset associated time. Once the total desired time has been set, pressing the second button labeled ?Start" starts the count down sequence. As the timer counts down it turns off the associated LEDs in the reverse order. When the last LED goes off the buzzer announces that end of the preset time. After the students master the project as presented they can develop any kind of application that uses four LED a buzzer and up to two buttons. Supply voltage is 4.5 ? 6V. Requires a USB Cable. You will need to purchase at least one USB programming cable, #780080, (we recommend multiple cables) for your students to be able to download the code they develop to the Genie controllers. Teacher's Assembled Demo.