Control Studio 2, Educational, 5-User Network Extension

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Product Overview

Control Studio 2 is a highly innovative simulation package for prototyping electronic systems. It provides a rapid method of developing circuit ideas, allowing you to consider different ‘what if?’ scenarios before arriving at a final design solution. Also, because Control Studio 2 is compatible with Circuit Wizard, Livewire and PCB Wizard 3, it is easy to turn your ideas into a schematic or PCB.

All versions (Hobbyist, Professional and Educational) have these standard features:

  • Electronic systems: System block design, 40 Electronic system blocks, Interactive systems simulation, On-screen animation, Data sheets and reference material, Conversion to circuit diagram, Conversion to PCB layout
  • General: Multi-level zoom (25%-1000%), Multiple undo and redo, Copy and paste to other software, Multiple document support, Automatic save, Integrated text and drawing tools

The EDUCATIONAL version has these additional features:

  • Larger component library.
  • Electronics theory teaching courseware
  • Courseware authoring tools.
  • Network support (the Standard and Pro editions will not run on networks).
  • Multi-user versions offering discounted prices.