Technology Closeouts
  • Automotive Workstation Sign

    Automotive Workstation Sign

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW $9.95   (WAS $19.95) WHILE SUPPLIES LASTGive your lab that finishing touch. KELVIN®'s exclusive, copyrighted signs feature easy-to-read, large white lettering on a rectangular blue background with a...

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  • Awl / Scribe

    Awl / Scribe

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW $1.33   (WAS $2.65) WHILE SUPPLIES LAST Steel awl with a straight point and 90 Degrees point. 7-1/4" long.

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  • B6-2 Rocket Engine Small Packs

    B6-2 Rocket Engine Small Packs

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW $4.63   (WAS $9.25) WHILE SUPPLIES LAST Model Rocket Engine Small Packs. 3/pkg. NOTE: Minimum Order of 3 Small Packs. NOTE: We can only ship rocket engines to the Continental U.S. plus Alaska...

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  • Ball-Bearing Pulley

    Ball-Bearing Pulley

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW $4.95   (WAS $9.95) WHILE SUPPLIES LASTSpecifications: Outside diameter is 1-1/2" 5/16" wide 1/4" hole 1/4" groove Brass with ballbearings. 1000LB load. 2/pkg.

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  • Base Plate Turntable

    Base Plate Turntable

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW $1.50   (WAS $2.95) WHILE SUPPLIES LASTUse to create a turntable, storage caddy and more. 3" diameter.

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  • Basic Hacksaw

    Basic Hacksaw

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW $2.98   (WAS $5.95) WHILE SUPPLIES LAST Uses 10" long hacksaw blades.

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