Technology Closeouts
  • Hand, Large Wave

    Hand, Large Wave

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW $9.98   (WAS $19.95) WHILE SUPPLIES LAST 90mm radius metal hand. 10/pkg.

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  • Hand, Offset

    Hand, Offset

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW $6.50   (WAS $12.95) WHILE SUPPLIES LAST70mm radius metal hand. 10/pkg.

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  • Hand, Small Wave

    Hand, Small Wave

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW $9.50   (WAS $18.95) WHILE SUPPLIES LAST60mm radius metal hand. 10/pkg.

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  • Harbor Tug Boat, Large

    Harbor Tug Boat, Large

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW $4.50   (WAS $8.95) WHILE SUPPLIES LAST The Large Harbor Tug Boat is ideal for demonstrations. It comes assembled, decorated and includes a rudder. Ready to be used in a swimming pool, pond or water...

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  • Harp/Finial

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW $1.88   (WAS $3.75) WHILE SUPPLIES LAST 10 in. long harp with finial. Requires lamp kit.

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  • Hex Key Set

    Hex Key Set

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW $3.98   (WAS $7.95) WHILE SUPPLIES LAST With pouch. Includes 18 wrenches in sizes from 0.050-5/16". 18 pcs.

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  • Hex Keys, Folding

    Hex Keys, Folding

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW $1.63   (WAS $3.25) WHILE SUPPLIES LAST Folding hex key set includes 6 hex keys.

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  • Hex Keys, T-Handle

    Hex Keys, T-Handle

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW $24.98   (WAS $49.95) WHILE SUPPLIES LAST Vaco hex key set includes 10 hexy keys and a rack.

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  • Hole Punch

    Hole Punch

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW .95¢   (WAS $1.89) WHILE SUPPLIES LASTFor paper. Punches a single 1/4" dia. hole.

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  • Hole Saw

    Hole Saw

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW $4.23   (WAS $8.45) WHILE SUPPLIES LAST Cut 1" to 2-1/2" holes in 3/4" thick wood.

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  • Hot Melt Glue Gun

    Hot Melt Glue Gun

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW $4.95   (WAS $9.95) WHILE SUPPLIES LAST 40W hot melt glue gun has a trigger feed. Uses 1/2" diameter Multi-Temp/Hot Melt glue slugs. Uses glue gun slugs below.

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  • Internet Workstation Sign

    Internet Workstation Sign

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW $9.95   (WAS $19.95) WHILE SUPPLIES LASTGive your lab that finishing touch. KELVIN®'s exclusive, copyrighted signs feature easy-to-read, large white lettering on a rectangular blue background with a...

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  • KELVIN® DesignGrid Cardboard, White

    KELVIN® DesignGrid Cardboard, White

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW $19.95   (WAS $39.95) WHILE SUPPLIES LASTUse 110 lb. DesignGrid Cardboard for product prototypes, boxes, etc. Features a grid printed on one side. 17"x22", 50 Sheets/pkg.

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  • KELVIN® Introduction to Bridge Building

    KELVIN® Introduction to Bridge Building

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW $2.95   (WAS $5.95) WHILE SUPPLIES LASTThis workbook covers tensile and compression forces, shear and tension along with types of bridges and bridge design. Students can design and build a balsawood...

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  • KELVIN® Kre8® Ezicar

    KELVIN® Kre8® Ezicar

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW $3.50   (WAS $6.95) WHILE SUPPLIES LAST No PC is Required! Learn about vehicles the EZ way! The Kre8 Ezi-Car is quick and easy to make as provided. Users can customize it to their own liking and...

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  • KELVIN® Magic Pulley Assembly Only

    KELVIN® Magic Pulley Assembly Only

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW $19.95   (WAS $39.95) WHILE SUPPLIES LAST Constructed with a low-friction ball bearing. Can be used to measure acceleration rate, velocity, distance traveled and time-traveled. Develop your own...

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  • KELVIN® Project Motor Class Pack

    KELVIN® Project Motor Class Pack

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW $99.50   (WAS $199) WHILE SUPPLIES LAST Developed by Baltimore teacher Fred Nastvogel, this motor kit facilitates a process of discovery that is seated in a simple distinction. Instead of asking...

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  • Kissing Couple

    Kissing Couple

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW $14.95   (WAS $29.95) WHILE SUPPLIES LAST No PC is Required! She sits on his lap and their heads turn to one another. The exact positioning of the four cams give a measure of variation and control...

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