Science Closeouts
  • Mini DC Generator Kit

    Mini DC Generator Kit

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW $16.50   (WAS $32.95) WHILE SUPPLIES LAST Build a generator to power your transistor radio, light bulb. An introduction, for pupils and students, to the basic principles of generating electric...

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  • Mortar / Pestle

    Mortar / Pestle

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW $4.25   (WAS $8.49) WHILE SUPPLIES LAST For grinding substances.

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  • Object Marker

    Object Marker

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW .38¢   (WAS .75¢) WHILE SUPPLIES LAST Use as object for lens and mirror experiments.

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  • Osmosis & Diffusion Lab

    Osmosis & Diffusion Lab

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW $31.48   (WAS $62.95) WHILE SUPPLIES LAST Using a semipermeable membrane model that simulates a living cell, your class will observe how the process of diffusion allows the cell to absorb vital...

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  • Petri Dish

    Petri Dish

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW $1.98   (WAS $3.95) WHILE SUPPLIES LAST Presterilized plastic petri dishes for observation. Standard size (100mm x 15mm) for growing bacteria cultures, mold and yeast. 5 dishes.

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  • Photologic Detector, 150kbps

    Photologic Detector, 150kbps

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW $3.48   (WAS $6.95) WHILE SUPPLIES LAST Totem pole output devices for data rate up to 150kbps. Additional detectors available below.

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  • Pipette Brush

    Pipette Brush

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW .73¢   (WAS $1.45) WHILE SUPPLIES LAST For cleaning burette, pipettes, and long tubing. 3/4" dia.

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  • Pocket-Size Lab Thermometers

    Pocket-Size Lab Thermometers

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW $9.98   (WAS $19.95) WHILE SUPPLIES LAST Can be used to measure Fahrenheit or Celsius. Round tube is filled with mercury. Calibrated for total immersion. 0 degrees to 220 degrees Fahrenheit Lab...

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