Science Closeouts
  • Alcohol Lamp

    Alcohol Lamp

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW $4.98  (WAS $9.95) WHILE SUPPLIES LAST A 4 oz. lamp to use with science projects. Glass base with cotton wick and cap.

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  • Anatomy Set, 8 pc.

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW $12.50   (WAS $24.95) WHILE SUPPLIES LASTHand painted in vivid and natural colors. [8] Dissectible Parts. ABS Base Stand. Fully illustrated color instruction manual.

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  • Bell Crank Kit

    Bell Crank Kit

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW .88¢   (WAS $1.75) WHILE SUPPLIES LAST Comes with [2] nylon bell cranks, [2] brass bushings, [2] nuts, bolts and washers.    WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals...

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  • Boiling Flask, 125ml

    Boiling Flask, 125ml

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW $7.98   (WAS $15.95) WHILE SUPPLIES LAST For various uses in experiments.

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  • Boiling Flask, 50ml

    Boiling Flask, 50ml

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW $7.98   (WAS $15.95) WHILE SUPPLIES LAST For various uses in experiments.

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  • Clamp Holder

    Clamp Holder

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW $1.38   (WAS $2.75) WHILE SUPPLIES LAST Attaches the clamp (up to 1/2") from horizontal or vertical rod up to 3/4."

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  • Dissecting Kit

    Dissecting Kit

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW $6.98   (WAS $13.95) WHILE SUPPLIES LAST Packed in a plastic storage box, the kit includes scalpel, forceps, scissors, dropper pipets, ruler and two teasing needles. Box size: 6-1/4"x1-7/8"x2-1/2".

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  • Educational Communication Kit

    Educational Communication Kit

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW $10.95   (WAS $21.95) WHILE SUPPLIES LASTThe Communication Kit is an easy-to-assemble, digital link for experimenting and beginner science projects. The digital link also can be used to construct...

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  • Energy Workstation Sign

    Energy Workstation Sign

     CLOSEOUT SALE! NOW $9.95   (WAS $19.95) WHILE SUPPLIES LASTGive your lab that finishing touch. KELVIN®'s exclusive, copyrighted signs feature easy-to-read, large white lettering on a rectangular blue background with a...

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