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Circuit Wizard 3 is a revolutionary new system that combines circuit design, PCB design, simulation and CAD/CAM in one complete package. By integrating the entire design process, Circuit Wizard provides you with all the tools necessary to produce an electronics project from start to finish – even including on-screen testing of the PCB prior to construction!

Circuit Wizard 3 is the latest version of the fully-featured electronics, CAD/CAM, circuit simulation and programming software for schools and colleges.

  • New panel design system, incorporating a suite of powerful CAD/CAM tools.
  • Enhanced library of components that include the built-in intelligence to operate seamlessly with the new panel design system.
  • New Resource Centre, a built-in library of comprehensive GENIE teaching resources tailored towards those new to electronics and programming.
  • Support for the design, simulation and programming of the latest (version 2) GENIE microcontrollers. Includes new programming commands.
  • New GENIE 08 Light Kit and GENIE 14 Audio Kit simulations.
  • New GENIE Cuddly Creatures and GENIE Rock Star projects.
  • Improved audio quality for more realistic GENIE sound effects.
  • New 16-channel MIDI and Music Centre for high quality GENIE music.
  • Full support for Microsoft Windows® 8.

Designing is easy with Circuit Wizard. Just grab the components you need from the library, connect them together using the intelligent wiring tool and then press the ‘Play’ button to begin simulation.

Circuit WizardHobbyist has these standard features:

  • SPICE circuit simulation—Circuit Wizard features a new simulation engine based on Berkeley SPICE. This industry-standard technology is the most advanced in the world, so you can be confident that the results will be very fast and accurate!
  • Circuit diagram design: 500 Component library, ANSI and DIN symbols, Schematic capture, 4 Virtual instruments, Automatic wiring, Nets and virtual connections, Interactive circuit diagram simulation, On-screen animation, True analogue/digital simulation, Simulation of component destruction, Customizable component library, Interactive component and pin hints, PCB layout
  • PCB layout design: 500 Component libraryOff-board components, Interactive PCB layout simulation, On-screen animation, 2 Virtual instruments, Automatic Single-Sided PCB routing, Routing of flying wire links, Bill of Materials reporting, Simulation of component destruction, Customizable component library, Interactive component and pin hints, NC-Drill export (Excellon format), Gerber export (274-D / 274-X format)
  • General: Multi-level zoom (25%-1000%), Multiple undo and redo, Copy and paste to other software, Multiple document support, Automatic save, Integrated text and drawing tools


KELVIN® is the EXCLUSIVE Distributor of Circuit Wizard in the United States. Educational versions sold to schools only.

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