Bright Spark, Educational, 5-User Network Extension

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Product Overview

Bright Spark is a fun circuit simulation package for exploring the world of electronics. Combining on-screen animation with realistic simulation, Bright Spark aids understanding by bringing circuits to life. It assumes no prior knowledge and comes with built-in courseware to help you learn the key principles behind electronics. You can then go on and design your own circuits using the wide choice of components included in the software.

All versions (Hobbyist, Professional and Educational) have these standard features:

  • Circuit diagram: Circuit diagram design, Integrated learning courseware, 40+ Animated components, ANSI and DIN symbols, 3 Virtual instruments, Automatic wiring, Interactive circuit diagram simulation, On-screen animation, Simulation of component destruction, Interactive component and pin hints, Link to PCB output via Circuit Wizard, Link to PCB output via PCB Wizard.
  • General: Multi-level zoom (25%-200%), Multiple undo and redo, Copy and paste to other software, Multiple document support, Automatic save, Integrated text and drawing tools

The EDUCATIONAL version has these additional features:

  • Larger component library.
  • Electronics theory teaching courseware
  • Courseware authoring tools.
  • Network support (the Standard and Pro editions will not run on networks).
  • Multi-user versions offering discounted prices.