KELVIN® Educational
Innovate and prepare for the future. KELVIN® believes that the next generation of engineers and technology leaders will be created in the classroom when curiosity and exploration is nurtured into confidence. At KELVIN®, our primary mission is to supply and support educators and students of all grades with the products they need to succeed.

Kelvin Electronics was established in 1945 by the late Harry Kelvin. During his time, KELVIN® became the source for electronic parts and kits. By the way - J.J. Abrams the Hollywood director of films  Star Trek, Star Wars, and Mission Impossible - is Harry Kelvin's grandson.
Avi Hadar, CEO
Mr. Avi Hadar followed Mr. Kelvin as owner. Mr. Hadar has introduced products for Technology Education, Science and S.T.E.M. to schools in the U.S.A. and internationally. KELVIN® remains focused on ensuring that teachers have products that are affordably priced for today's school budgets.

Check out our innovative products including: a full line of Electronics (Trainers, Kits & Parts), Dragsters (CO2 and No CO2), Kre8® Modeling System, SoFast® for Arduino, SUMO Car Wrestler®, Bulk Pack Kits,  Foam Cutter, Balsa StiKutter™, Architect Models, Bridges, Bridge Testers. Earthquake System, Fiber Optics Trainer, Planes, and Wind Tunnels. We also manufacture and carry a wide assortment of Gears, Pulley, Wheels, Syringes, Propellers, Magnets, etc. 
KELVIN® ships across the U.S.A., Canada and Internationally.